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Information from liquidators: claims can be submitted now!


Notification to all customers of Versobank AS (under liquidation) who have legal right to submit the claim for reimbursement for funds held at Versobank, after receiving the compensation from the Guarantee Fund.

The application form has been made available to submit applications for reimbursement of funds held on the accounts of Versobank AS (under liquidation) exceeding compensation received from the Guarantee Fund. To submit the application, log in to your Versobank’s Internet bank and fill the claim form accordingly. The deadline for submission of claims is 03.06.2018 (in accordance with the Section 120 (1) pp. 4 of the Estonian Credit Institutions Act).

Alternatively the claim can be submitted:

• By e-mail to if signed digitally

• In person at Versobank’s office at Hallivanamehe 4, Tallinn (on work days 09:00-17:00)

• By registered mail or courier to Versobank (in liquidation), Hallivanamehe 4, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia. Such application must be certified by a notary in Estonian, Russian or English. The notary must certify that the identity of the applicant has been ascertained and that the application has been filled in and signed in their presence. In addition to the notary’s confirmation, the document must also be certificated by an apostille if required, see (in Estonian)

The claims against Versobank AS (under liquidation) not related to deposits, can be submitted until 30 July 2018. Such application must include the content, basis and size of the claim and the documents that would provide a sufficient confirmation of it (in accordance with the § 376 of the Commercial Code).

The liquidators will start making payments to creditors through AS SEB Pank after July 31, 2018. All claims might be decreased by the amount of collectable obligations according to the general procedures applied by the Versobank AS before the liquidation.

The Liquidation Notice No. 1273379 was published in Official Announcements (Ametlikud Teadaanded) on 29.03.2018. Deposits up to EUR 100,000 per depositor has been reimbursed by the Guarantee Fund in accordance with the procedure provided by the law on the basis of the application submitted by the depositor, for further information concerning the application procedures please refer to the link In accordance with the law, the income tax is withheld from the claim. See also the summary of liquidation proceedings and FAQ at


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