Alternative Investments

Alternative investment can improve profit performance of your portfolio and reduce the risk level, typical of traditional asset classes.

Versobank AS co-operates closely with companies specialised in the field of alternative investments. Due to such partnership relations we are in a position of offering our clients a wide range of interments from the most versatile spheres of the investment business.

Hedge Funds

Flexible approach of hedge funds to investments allows highly qualified fund managers earn additional benefits by applying different approaches, and create such profit generating models, which are hardly available to their colleagues orientated exclusively towards long positions.
However, investments in hedge funds can also be linked to certain complexities. In view of the low level of regulatory provisions governing the business of such funds, and the lack of transparency in a number of them investors often struggle to find a suitable fund manager.

Principal Commodities

Carefully considered investments in commodities can offer alternatives for more extensive diversification and additional sources of yield for clients who can afford to work with a higher degree of risks.

Structured Products

Structured products represent a fairly complex investment instrument, which allows mirroring a certain approach to single or several initial assets. In order to select and compose the best products of such type we are applying economic surveys in combination with detailed analyses of market parameters affecting prices in this investment segment.

We offer a dynamic range of equity-, interest rate- and forex-linked structured products with investment periods the duration of which varies from a couple of months up to ten years.