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Personal loan offer

We are ready to make You a loan offer within 2 weeks in the following conditions:

 - Your loan request is up to 287 602.42 EUR;

 - Your cash-flow is sufficient to repay the loan or in case of start-up company, there is submitted a detailed business plan;

 - Your company and owners do not have valid payment defaults;

 - The proterty, offered as collateral, covers a loan amount twice;

 - The bank accepts guarnatees of the Fund KredEx and Rural Development Foundation as collateral (in that case, the value of property offered as collateral, can be smaller);

 - The Management Board / owners of the company are ready to give surety of a natural person as an additional collateral;

 - You have sent Your Loan Request through our website or submitted Loan Application Form to the Bank’s office;

 - In order to get a loan offer, the following necessary information has to be attached to the application (You can add files as attachments in the Loan Application Form or send them by e-mail: or bring them to the Bank’s office):

    • Annual Report of the previous financial year;
    • Balance sheet and income statement of the last quarter of the current financial year;
    • In case of investment project, a detailed business plan along with cash-flow projections or a budget of the project;
    • Apprisal report of a property to be established as collateral, which has to be compiled by a real estate appriser* acceptable by the bank. The apprisal report cannot be compiled more than 1 month ago, when submitting it to the bank;
    • In applying for overdraft, there has to be submitted a statement of account for the last 6 months.

     - The term for a loan offer becomes binding to the bank from the moment all the documents required by the bank (articles 7-8) are submitted;

     - In case Your loan application do not meet the mentioned requirements, the bank needs longer term than 2 weeks to examine the application.


    *Real estate companies acceptable by Versobank AS:

    Arco VaraPindi Kinnisvara
    Uus Maa ERI Kinnisvara
    DTZ Kinnisvaraekspert 1Partner
    Tõnisson KinnisvaraLVM Kinnisvara
    Rime KinnisvaraKaanon Kinnisvara
    Colliers International
    Simus Kinnisvara
    Ober-Hausi Kinnisvara AS
    Domus Kinnisvara