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Debit cards for residents




  • purchase fee: 0%
  • cash withdrawal fee: 1+2%
  • free travel insurance
  • functions of a credit card

We also offer

VISA Business, VISA Gold and VISA Platinum debit cards to corporate residents


VISA debit cards for residents will offer you the following benefits:

  • some functions of a credit card;
  • easy and quick access to your bank account 24/7;
  • convenient non-cash payment in shops all over the world;
  • safe instrument to make payment for goods and services, acquired online;
  • extensive access to your cash by means of a global ATM network;
  • maintaining control over your expenditures by imposing maximum limits on purchases and cash withdrawals.


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Terms and conditions of a debit card contract

Debit card price list for corporate residents

Travel isurance for:

  • Visa Business - for extra charge, package Gold - EUR 45 per annum, package Platinum - EUR 65 per annum
  • Visa Gold - free of charge
  • Visa Platinum - free of charge


Travel insurance packages:


VISA Platinum

Terms and Conditions for Travel Insurance