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Disputing card transactions

Disputing Card transactions

What you should know:

  • Car rental companies are entitled to charge an unpaid traffic fines and petrol filling amounts any time later.
  • Hotels have the right to charge unpaid purchases in minibar later. Also they have right to charge no-show fee (up to price per 1 night) for hotel reservations made online but when customer did not show up.
  • If you make an online purchase but the goods or service you receive are inadequate or do not meet the stated conditions (or you do not receive the goods or service at all), we recommend that you first contact the merchant in writing. Make sure you keep all of the correspondence with the merchant.
  • If you have provided or registered your card details (e.g. on a gaming or dating site or for the use of an antivirus programme) and no longer wish to use the service, you must terminate the service yourself. If you fail to do so, any amounts deducted from your card cannot be disputed.
  • If you come across a transaction or series of transactions that has been performed with your bank card but which you have not made and the merchant or service provider is unfamiliar to you, you should have your card closed immediately.

You can dispute card transactions for following reasons:

Cardholder have the right to dispute the transactions made without his consent and request chargeback from the card issuer within 120 days after the completion of the transaction.

  • If you come across a transaction or series of transactions that has been performed with your bank card but which you have not made.
  • An amount has been debited twice (or more) for the same transaction.
  • An ATM failed to issue cash, but the amount requested was debited from your account.
  • Transaction has been cancelled but Merchant or service provider has not returned money.
  • The goods you ordered online have not arrived.
  • An in-store card payment failed but the amount has been reserved or was debited from your account.

If the problem is related, at first you should contact the merchant / service provider!

The process of disputing transaction(s):

If the problem remains unsolved, please provide the bank:

  • Filled dispute form.
  • Copy of written communication with merchant/service provider.
  • All documentation related to transaction(s) (receipts, contracts etc.).

The form can be submitted:

  • At Versobank AS main office or representative offices.

For more information please call Versobank AS card helpline (24h): (+372) 6 802 555