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History and shareholders

Versobank AS was founded in October 1999. Until March 2012 the main share of the Bank was owned by Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd (former named as Marfin Popular Bank Ltd) (Cyprus).

Over the years, the Bank has formed a circle of customers and a team of professionals. In 2012, the Bank’s shareholder structure was changed, that led to changes in the Bank’s business name and the Bank's development strategy.

In March 29, 2012 Ukrainian investors became the main shareholders of Versobank AS. The majority part of the Bank belongs to the Ukrainian agro-industrial company UKRSELHOSPROM PCF LLC.

Company UKRSELHOSPROM PCF LLC is a part of the Ukrainian consortium "ALEF", which consists of over twenty companies, among which is a bank, an insurance and an asset management company.

Companies that belong to the consortium "ALEF" are owned by the Ukraine citizens - Vadym Iermolaiev and Stanislav Vilenskyy.

Versobank AS owners (at the time of 17.03.2016):

  • Participation of other shareholders does not exceed 5%

The bank's basic capital is EUR 14 088 775,20, which is divided into 23 481 292 ordinary shares with nominal value 0.60 EUR.

In accordance with the Bank's charter minimum share capital is EUR 6 391 164, maximum EUR 25 564 660.