General Information

Today, everyone can perform everyday transactions without carrying cash. Bank cards represent the fastest and the most convenient tool for settlement. You can pay by card in shops, gas stations, travel agencies, aviation companies, restaurants and hotels. In a word, anywhere in the trading system, all around the world.

Versobank AS responded to the needs and expectations of its customers and will now offer both debit and credit cards to its existing and new customers.

All the bank cards, issued by Versobank AS, feature the functions of a credit card. This means that all the Bank cards have a CVV security code that will allow using the card to make purchases during online shopping, book plane tickets, rent a car etc. The card can be also used to withdraw cash from any ATM over the world, carrying the VISA signs.

Versobank AS now offers Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum and Visa Platinum Plus debit and Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum credit cards to all private customers.

Visa debit cards
will ensure fast payments and easy and convenient access to free cash on your bank account.

Visa Classic credit card is ideal when you wish to allocate your expenditures over a longer period when paying for everyday purchases and services of medium value.

Visa Gold credit card is your best choice if you prefer higher credit limits and better purchase power. Visa Gold is a prestigious instrument of payment that will guarantee you attentive services all over the world.

Visa Platinum credit card is available to the best customers of the Bank. As the owner of luxurious Platinum credit card you’re welcome to enjoy benefits and attentive services all over the world.