Versobank AS, a financial institution providing personal banking services at the highest professional level, offers its clients an all-embracing access to investment products developed by leading global businesses.

Clients of Versobank AS can choose from a large variety of banking products – from stocks and bonds, investment fund units, structured products with capital guarantee, index-linked stocks and deposits all the way to the equity management and financial analysis instruments.

Investment is a complicated business and requires analytic competencies, rationality, foresight and ability to assess the position and ratio of every instrument in the portfolio in a timely manner. When selecting an investment instrument and the sector to which it pertains it is necessary to take into account aspects of strategic and tactical spread, geographical diversity and parameters, imposed restrictions, for instance the need for liquid assets, risk perception and long-term financial objectives.

The client service department, supported by the specialists of the money market and finance division will assist you in finding your way in the world of investments, allowing you to benefit from the experience of Versobank AS and its network of partners.

Our Bank always regards any relationship with its clients as long-standing and mutually rewarding.