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Investment loan

Investment loan is a long-term loan product, which purpose is to aquire capital assets or to build and repair production facilities, warehouses or commercial areas. Investment loan is suitable for buing machinery, equipment and technology necessary for production or providing services, but also for buying, renovating or building real estate necessary for a company’s business activity. Compared with other loan products, in applying investment loan, the existence of self-financing and detailed business plan along with cash-flow projections are particularly important.

Disbursement of a loan amount will be performed as a single payment or by installments. Repayment of a loan will be performed at the positive cash-flow of a company’s current economic activity, generally as monthly annuity payments or as equal payments of principal amount of a loan.

Based on the specificities of the company’s business activity, there is possible to apply for a grace period, during which there has to be paid only interest payments to the bank.


Amount of a loan:according to the customer’s risk limit
Term:up to 10 years
Self-financing:minimum 30% from the cost of a loan project
Interest rate:depends on the amount of the customer’s self-financing and a possibility to pay repayments
Contract fee:up to 1,5% from the loan amount, minimum 63.91 EUR
Collateral:real estate, movable property, deposit, other collaterals accepted by the bank (an example surety)
Additional collateral:additional guarantee up to 75% from the loan amount can be applied for from the Fund KredEx