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Working capital loan

Working capital loan is a short-term loan for specific purposes, which is meant to cover company’s operational expenses within a certain project. The loan is suitable for stock acquisition, purchase of single bigger consignement, short-term funding in entering into a new field of activity, planned short-term investment into fixed assets or covering other extraordinary expenses.

Disbursement of a loan amount will be performed as a single payment or by installments. Repayments of a loan be performed at the positive cash-flow of a company’s current economic activity as monthly payments, as an equal payments of the principal amount of a loan or  as a bullet in the end of the loan period.


Loan amount:based on the customer’s risk limit
Term:up to 2 years
Currency:EUR, USD
Interest rate:depends on the customer’s ability to repay the loan
Contract fee:up to 1,5% from a loan amount, minimum 63.91 EUR
Collateral:real estate, movable property, deposit, other collaterals accepted by the bank as an additional collaterals (an example surety)
Additional collateral:additional guarantee up to 75% from the loan amount can be applied for from the Fund KredEx