Investment solutions

Investment Consultancy

Opt for our investment consultancy services if you wish to take final decisions concerning your investment yourself.

Investment consultancy services are based on your personal financial plan. Our objective is to review with you various alternatives and suggest you the instruments that in our opinion are the best suited for you. We will prepare proposals that are based on your specific portfolio – and you will only need to decide whether or not to act on them.

Asset Management

You authorised us to take investment decisions for you.

If you are busy with more important matters you can authorise us to manage your resources on the basis of mutually agreed principles. Granting the Bank powers to manage the portfolio allows you to benefit from the entire expertise of Versobank AS in the field of investments.

The service is focussed on specific requirements of high-net-worth investors who prefer to have their assets managed by investment professionals in order to earn the best possible return based on an explicitly formulated individual plan.

Your personal goals are the principal parameter for selecting the optimum investment strategy. Your personal account manager and you yourself will determine the scope of the powers to manage your portfolio in accordance with strict standards of professional discipline and taking into consideration your objectives and wishes.

To ensure efficient management of your portfolio we have succeeded in recruiting the best minds in the field of market analysis, asset distribution and portfolio management covering global stock markets and fixed income instruments markets, as well as the rapidly developing niche of alternative investments.

As a portfolio management client you can, if you wish to discuss all matters concerning your investments directly with your account manager who will also take care of all other banking procedures and services.